How To Clean Engine Bay

Beneath your hood lies a broad array of pipes, hoses, turbochargers, intercoolers, radiators, wires, fuses, intakes, and other engine factors. Despite the fact that you’d consider a shut hood would shield the engine from the factors, there is no flooring to hold them pristine. Likewise, hoses fail, oil leaks, and all types of items can drip and drop, every single top to the want for a very good cleaning.

As opposed to a car’s exterior, which we often clean, motor bays are not pampered practically as considerably. With out focus, that dust, debris, and oil can gunk up your car’s workings, perhaps start off a hearth, and cause motor, steering, and suspension problems. Which is why The Drive’s data workforce suggests popping the hood, grabbing the hose, and going to town on your car’s motor bay every single time you clean your car’s paint. For individuals who’ve never ever washed a car’s engine bay just before, don’t worry—we’ll wander you by means of it. Stick to our actions, and your journey will arrive out the other side seeking fresh and cleanse.

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Cleansing an Engine Bay Fundamentals

Believed Time Required: 30 minutes

Prevalent Dust, Debris, and Oils You are going to Obtain in an Motor Bay 

Here’s a record of widespread spills and splatters you’ll obtain in an motor bay as curated by The Drive’s editors primarily based on their many years of practical experience.


The most typical spill or splatter is filth and mud. Puddles, off-highway adventures, and the day-to-day dirt and debris you come upon have a pattern of getting into your motor bay.

Engine Oil

Engine oil can seep out about gaskets, explode from hoses, and spill throughout the best of the engine when you’re accomplishing an oil transform. Oils can also be thrown up into the engine bay from the ground.

Transmission Fluid

As with motor oil, transmission fluid has the possible to spray throughout the engine bay if a little something catastrophic transpires. That claimed, if you see a big spray of transmission fluid, you probably have even bigger problems than a thoroughly clean engine bay. 

Brake Fluid

Simply because the brake grasp cylinder is mounted near the best of the engine on most cars, spills and splatters can speedily dirty an motor bay.


We’ve all been there when a radiator overheats, blows its leading, and shoots scalding coolant in excess of the piping-very hot motor bay. Steam and the fluorescent liquid erupt, and the bay seems like you just murdered an alien.

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Almost everything You are going to Will need To Clean up an Engine Bay

We’re not psychic, nor are we snooping by means of your toolbox or garage, so here’s just what you’ll need to get the task completed. 

Tool Listing

Sections List

Arranging your instruments and gear so anything is simply reachable will conserve cherished minutes waiting around for your useful-dandy boy or girl or 4-legged helper to carry you the sandpaper or blowtorch. (You won’t require a blowtorch for this occupation. Remember to never have your kid hand you a blowtorch—Ed.)

You’ll also need a flat workspace, these kinds of as a garage ground, driveway, or road parking which is also well-ventilated. Check your nearby legal guidelines to make positive you are not violating any codes when working with the road simply because we aren’t acquiring your experience out of the clink.

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Here’s How To Clean up an Motor Bay

Cleaning your motor bay is all about how in depth you want to go. And by all means, go as deep into each and every crevice and cranny as you’d like. There’s normally additional hidden dirt and leftover oil. But to get you started, here’s The Drive’s guidebook for how to clear your motor bay. 

  1. Pop the hood.
  2. Double examine that all caps and hoses are secured.
  3. Rinse the engine bay with a hose or, if offered, a ability washer.
  4. Employing a towel, wipe down the massive elements, producing sure you remove any oil or built-up grease. 
  5. With one more towel, do the job your way by the scaled-down factors till the engine appears to be like it did the working day you acquired it. You can use a scrub brush or toothbrush if you want to get each individual nook and cranny. 
  6. Rinse and repeat techniques 4 and 5 until you are pleased with the engine’s cleanliness.
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Professional Strategies to Clear an Engine Bay

The Drive’s editors have washed many rides over the a long time, and we’ve picked up a handful of professional strategies along the way. Blessed for you, we’re in a sharing mood. 

  • Clean your motor bay just after your car has cooled down. If you clean it though it is warm, it could generate steam that can crack plastics, corrode wires, or scald you. 
  • Use garments with tender surfaces. Denims, for example, have steel bits that could scratch the car or truck.
  • If you’re washing your engine bay by hand, use the two-bucket technique so as to not deliver dirt, contaminants, and particles again into the motor bay.

Video clip

When you’re tackling the approach of cleaning your car’s engine bay for the 1st time, it is a excellent strategy to get a perception of how to deal with distinct types of dirt, debris, and filth right before you really get your hands filthy. From beneficial items to the proper method, you are going to want to examine out a sneak peek of what awaits. 

That’s why we picked Chemical Guys’ guideline on how to clean your vehicle’s engine bay. With diluted cleansing answer and a force washer, you will understand how to get the factors in your motor bay sparkling clean up and how to shield the extra sensitive components from receiving damp or soaked with cleaning alternative.

FAQs About Cleansing an Motor Bay

You have obtained inquiries, The Drive’s information team has responses! 

Q: How Considerably Does It Price tag To Cleanse an Engine Bay?

A: Practically nothing. All you’ll want is a hose and some soap. You will perhaps devote $15-$20 entirely.

Q: Is It Protected To Spray Your Engine With Water?

A: Your engine bay is constantly obtaining damp from the pouring rain, water puddles, or because you require to get across an overflowing river. (Do not test that, Ms. Oregon Path.) It is good to clean your engine—just be careful exactly where and how near you use the pressure washer. Generally dial the strain down to avert damaging plugs or tearing issues off.

Q: Can I Force Wash My Engine Bay?

A: You definitely can. On the other hand, you do want to pay interest to the stress. If it’s far too superior, you could destruction your engine’s hoses, wires, and other sections that aren’t metal. If you see some thing dangling or loose while you’re making use of it, cease.

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