Need Advice: My 2009 Hyundai Santro stutters under

The jerk appears to be to be uneven and isn’t going to occur when accelerated in neutral gear.

BHPian Tamarind just lately shared this with other lovers.

Good day BHPians,

Mine is a 2009 Hyundai Santro, has accomplished 1 lakh km. Been servicing it every ~6 months and am pretty satisfied with the vehicle. The auto has taken us spots and been keeping my rely on until now

Last week when I experienced taken it in excess of an 80 km push on a bypass, avg speed could have been 90+ and all was good.

I exited the highway through the two 180-diploma bends in the condition of “S” (possibly @ 40 km/h) to be part of yet another freeway, when I pressed the accelerator the auto started off to stutter. (During this complete drive the highway was not bumpy neither did I put the car in a tough place at superior pace).

I instantly seemed at the sprint for motor temp, or any hazard lights – all seem to be to be fine. Tried switching off the AC and accelerating the effect seems to be the exact.

Parked the automobile in a tranquil location and took a look below the hood for any leakage to the ground – None. Checked the oil dipstick and it had a sufficient level (F mark).

The engine bay however experienced a minimal soaked oil distribute on prime of it, but that was an observation from earlier services as properly and the mechanic reported in the subsequent assistance he will implement some paste in concerning the levels to halt that oil seepage but almost nothing undesirable to fear about.

The jerks seem to be to be uneven (I could not uncover a prevalent time gap in between two jerks). Putting the gear in neutral and accelerating does not generate any jerk.

Took the motor vehicle to the closest Hyundai service, and they checked the next

  • Spark plugs
  • Air filter
  • Throttle human body
  • Ran the computer system checks for Electronics,
  • Smoke color and exhaust pipe,
  • Petrol pump, tank and filter for blockages, also
  • A suspected mix of petrol + water but later ruled out.

But because they were not ready to uncover the situation, they instructed replacing all the subsequent one particular by a person to test and isolate the challenge

  • Spark plugs
  • Card wire
  • Ignition coil
  • Idle pace actuator
  • Gasoline filter

But given that they advised me it’s going to get several days to get all areas, and also explained it can be driven (disregarding the jerks) – I resolved to convey it to my mechanic close to my residence (with hazard lights on and driving little by little)

He inspected and improved all 4 spark plugs – instantly the jerk frequency and intensity minimized. But nonetheless not wholly gone.

The mechanic suggests it can be the fuel pump (which has to be replaced and checked ~4k, followed by a several other goods costing ~24k) and then the crankshaft to be checked. Then I explained to him the timing belt modify is owing from the past support (1 lakh Km) for which he estimates about Rs 6k

So a complete of ~30k value of areas & labour was quoted.

He also claims the rear left bush has worn out and the wheel gives a thud audio on minor poor roads (which is correct in my observation as nicely) – while it is not related to this difficulty, it requirements a modify for a bump-no cost journey. This might charge all around 6k

The auto issue is fantastic or else


  1. What do you men feel about the above?
  2. Could the jerk be due to the outdated timing belt? or doable oil seepage on the belt could cause the skipping chunk?
  3. Your ideas primarily based on prev working experience, on which course to choose in addressing this challenge?
  4. Potentially a time to trade for a new vehicle?

Here’s what BHPian MT_Hyderabad had to say on the make any difference:

There is a sensor on the throttle body, examine that.

Throttle system cleaning may be required, get it cleaned. These are the two things, which are not that costly and deliver an uncomplicated correct.

I encountered this sort of jerks in my vehicle when it was 25k km outdated and immediately after lots of deliberations, they have been attributed to the free relationship of that sensor.

This is what BHPian vrprabhu had to say on the make any difference:

I consider the service centre has provided the appropriate route(!), which I advise modifying this way (based on my expertise of possessing a motor vehicle aged very similar to yours):

  1. Look at and substitute spark plug wires (you have currently changed the plugs) test regardless of whether the accelerator pedal and cable are running efficiently
  2. Change gasoline filter
  3. Exchange the timing belt (if not completed earlier – you have a 10+-calendar year-outdated vehicle with 1+ lakh on the odometer and the belt would be displaying symptoms of wear & tear plus slack)
  4. Look at and substitute the sensors (MAF/O2) if the wires surface to be brittle/aged
  5. Verify the Ignition coil
  6. Examine the gas pump

Presume that idling is Okay (i.e. not erratic) and the electricals are in fantastic issue.

Here’s what BHPian bejoy had to say on the issue:

The identical situation was observed in my dad’s 2005 Santro. The motor would stutter and die following a spirited push, with no throttle response. Right after switching off and cooling, the car would grow to be typical. The concern received resolved following transforming IAC (Idle Air Handle) valve. The OEM component is costly, I got the element from Aliexpress, value much less than 1k. It is 4 many years now and the problem has not took place all over again. Value having it checked.

There is this thread on this problem.

Here’s what BHPian Rahul Bhalgat experienced to say on the make a difference:

  1. Try out injector cleaners like Addon P. You may possibly be informed that these are to be set in the gasoline tank in a certain proportion. Consume two tankfuls. Clogged injectors could bring about uneven stuttering. This will barely charge just about anything and will never be a waste anyway.
  2. If new sparkplugs diminished stuttering, new coils may perhaps do away with the very same. See if your mechanic can try out substitute coils from some other motor vehicle, just for demo. And anyway, transforming the ignition coil at 1 lakh km just isn’t overkill. I improved the coils in my SX4 at 1.25 lakh km even although I did not have troubles. The previous coils are preserved as spare.
  3. Worn out timing belt will trigger a lot more serious difficulties like reduction of compression and motor stalling. And the moment the belt slips, it is not likely to align itself again to a great position, so the problem will be seasoned all the time.
  4. Santro is a incredibly very good automobile with a extremely great motor. Yours will be Santro Zing I guess. It shall quickly final outside of 2 lakh km if it has been maintained adequately. So no require to alter the car or truck just for stuttering.

I will not know about Chennai. But Mumbai has a huge populace of Santro in the taxi industry. If Chennai way too has Santro taxis, a common garage that companies them (very number of are likely to check out the authorised SS) shall be capable to diagnose the issue outright.

The gas pump could also be the offender. But throttle body is unlikely to be the trouble. By the way, do you notice any connection concerning small fuel levels and stuttering?

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